Front Row: Max Beere, Joss Megivern, Chuck Higgins, Mike Mulvihill, Jim Acker, Bob Kline, Jack Larson, John Hummel, Chuck Cooper
Middle Row: Mr.Stone, Cory Guenter, Kent Stewart, Courtney Gustafson, Tom Abbey, David Rumsey, Bob Anderson, Mr. Donovan
Back Row: Bill Cunningham, Jim Tanner, Louie Neely, Fred Larson, Dick Larson, Tom McCord, Gary Elliott, Phil Hauck

Jim Acker placed 2nd in the ½ Mile Run at the P.I.A.A. State Championships.

Fred Larson set the School Record for the One Mile Run.

The School Record for the One Mile Relay was set by Tom Abbey, Ron Kleisath, Jack Larson, and Jim Acker.

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